Employment Practices Liability

Businesses with employees face the improbable task of keeping up with ever-changing laws and compliance regulations when it comes to employees. While we hope you are compliant (we can assist with this if not), putting policies into practice isn’t always done. This is why you have Employment Practices Liability, to protect your business should something fall through the cracks, or an employee is suing you and you’re not at fault, but you need the defense to prove your innocence. If you are not in compliance or feel you may need a second set of eyes on your employee handbooks and practices we have built networks with specialists that can ensure you are in compliance with today’s regulations.

Did you know…?

  • Employment Practices coverage is not included on the General Liability coverage form. 
  • You could be held liable for wrongful termination, infliction of emotional distress, inaccurate employee evaluations and more
  • You’re responsible should any of your employees discriminate or sexually harass another employee or even customer
  • You can be brought into litigation under employment practices for failure to employ or promote 
  • You need to adhere to each cities minimum wage if you have workers that go to job sites
  • You need to have your employee handbook updated each year with any new regulations and have each employee sign it every year
  • Even if you have strict policies in place and you feel that you’re innocent in a certain incident, no procedures can fully protect you from being pulled into litigation thusly leaving you exposed for the defense costs out of pocket. 

Why an EPLI policy is a necessity

We feel that this is one of the top lines of insurance that businesses should be obtaining. We are seeing a massive rise in claims nationwide under Employment Practices related incidents. Since the recent movements over the last couple of years and now COVID-19 laws in place for employers the industry is already seeing the number of EPL claims increase but as will the cost to settle them. Due to this constant rise, it is critical for your business to protect yourself from the unexpected Employment Practices Liability claims with this crucial policy. Ask yourself, are you willing to run the risk of your reputation, potential bankruptcy, and loss of the business you have worked so hard to grow?

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